The team at College Dental Surgeries have the perfect way to ensure that this Christmas is white, with a course of at home teeth whitening. We know the importance of having a bright, white smile – for social and business appearances – but mostly for the self-confidence a dazzling smile gives you.

Teeth whitening is a very popular cosmetic dental treatment as it is non-invasive, provides fast results and most importantly it works. Teeth whitening can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile for relatively little outlay. Teeth whitening is sometimes necessary when the natural colour of your tooth is darkened or stained by food and drinks, calculus or tartar, smoking and ageing.

  • What causes teeth staining?teeth staining

In essence if a food or drink can stain your top or tablecloth, it can also stain your teeth.

The basic teeth whitening formula:

Whitening results = strength of gel x time

  • What treatment options are available?

College Dental Surgeries only use premium whitening products, which use the latest technology to deliver the very best results.treatment options

Before the treatment can begin, one of our highly trained dentists will create an impression of your teeth; this will serve as a mould for the whitening tray. You will need to wear your whitening trays for two weeks as directed to start to see results.

The active ingredient passes through the dental enamel, breaking down stains by chemical oxidation. The process can take some time, so it is important to finish the treatment as directed by your dentist.

So, what are you waiting for, call College Dental Surgeries on 01622 752340 to book an appointment today and ensure you get your white Christmas!